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QA Conference 2019 India

The Next Gen Healthcare Tech & QA Conference 2019 will bring together the community in revolutionizing healthcare. We have experts sharing insights into their healthcare transformation. Digital health adoption is on the rise and with significant growth.
Experience on leading digital healthcare initiatives, experts on emerging technologies in the space and trends to take on board.

We provide a forum to network, learn and engage with professionals, scholars, researchers , academicians and activists in creating a platform to discuss and disseminate meaningful messages, values and practices in the subject of healthcare.
We invite you to understand the challenges, successes and opportunities to be taken in healthcare industry.

It is a 2 days event which will help us assess the current scenario of the technology and best practices being followed with all challenges to deliver the best quality healthcare to the patient. We will also analyze how all the stakeholders are affected. If you are one of them you should not miss the conference.